Heating Repair in Gwinnett County, GA

Your heating unit is central to your entire forced air system. It’s responsible for everything from generating warm air in the winter months to filtering the recirculated air in your home. Needless to say, it’s important to trust an experienced heating contractor in Gwinnett County, GA to keep your heating system running smooth.

All South Air Cooling & Heating has experience with all types of heating units—from traditional furnaces to heat pumps and more. We’re capable of delivering installation, repair and maintenance services in whatever capacity your system needs to stay functional and efficient.

  • Installation: If the time has come to update your furnace or install a more efficient heat pump, call us to make sure the install is done right. We’re practiced at fully integrating new heating units into your current forced air delivery system and make sure nothing is overlooked. Expect a reliable heating installation, done right the first time.
  • Repairs: Whatever the need for heating repair, we’ve got you covered. Our techs can fix that broken blower motor, tinker with your finnicky pilot light, handle flame sensor issues and anything else preventing your furnace from blowing warm air into your space.
  • Maintenance: The best way to keep your heating unit in good, functional condition for longer is through maintenance. We’re the maintenance experts customers across Gwinnett County, GA call for filter replacements, flame sensor cleaning, lubrication and more.
  • Inspections: is your furnace making strange noises? Problems with inconsistent heat? Sudden increase in energy bills? If you suspect a problem, don’t wait to call us. Our techs will perform a thorough inspection and troubleshoot any issues so they can be resolved quickly and correctly.
Have a heating emergency? Give All South Air Cooling & Heating a call right away at 404-455-5901! We won’t waste any time in coming out to you to assess and address the problem. When we’re done, you’ll be left with a heating system that’s fully functional and totally reliable, ready to keep you warm and cozy.